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An outer housing of some type is produced, and that is then wrapped around the wound sta-tor core, making a wound stator assembly. The wound stator assembly is then sent to motor assembly.
gearmotor dolin
 Ac motor manufacturing process flow.
dolin motor

The rotor laminations in Fig. 3.3 are also stacked and then aluminum die cast into a rotor casting, shown in Fig. 3.4. A shaft is then produced, and this is assembled into the rotor, making it a rotor assembly, shown in Fig. 3.5.The rotor assembly is sent to motor assembly.

Two end frames are produced and sent to motor assembly.

At the final operation, the wound stator assembly, rotor assembly, two end frames, and miscellaneous parts are assembled into a complete motor. The motor is then tested, painted, and packed for shipment.

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